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A stylish option for storage or parking, with space for one car or several motorcycles. The side door provides easy access.

Provides parking for two vehicles and a classic and appealing addition to your property.

Provides a shaded and protected space for enjoying outdoor gatherings. The separate storage compartment will keep your grill and accessories safe and dry!

Little Villa 130a offers a simple, yet attractive design that can be used for many different purposes, whether it be storage or living.

Double Glass Windows

Little Villa 130b is a modern beauty featuring double glass windows and large double doors.

Spacious yet compact, Little Villa 130c boasts a great modern look and features double sliding doors.

Double Glass Windows

A larger model of 130b, Little Villa 170 has the same modern appeal and practical use with a touch more space.

Little Villa 180 features new Tilt and Turn Windows.

Little Villa 181 is a standout in our modern villa collection. It's corner double doors and flat roof line create a beautiful design and practical application.

Double Glass Windows

A spacious model with timeless design that will fit perfectly into any space.

Little Villa 200b is another versatile model with double doors and a simple, yet classic design.

Double Glass Windows

Little Villa 210 showcases a classic design and a large terrace for outdoor furniture.