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Little Villa 130a offers a simple, yet attractive design that can be used for many different purposes, whether it be storage or living.

Little Villa 180 features new Tilt and Turn Windows.

Double Glass Windows

A spacious model with timeless design that will fit perfectly into any space.


Little Villa 200b is another versatile model with double doors and a simple, yet classic design.

Double Glass Windows

Little Villa 210 showcases a classic design and a large terrace for outdoor furniture.

Double Glass Windows

Little Villa 215 is our premier "outlaw" model, just under the maximum square footage for building without a permit in most states.

Double Glass Windows

The Little Villa 305 is a classic cabin model with a large terrace and double doors. A spacious loft adds to the many great features of this attractive building.

Double Glass Windows

The Little Villa 323 is a stunner! Large double glass windows and a large glass double door make this model stand out as a lovely addition to any property.

Double Glass Windows

One of our latest models, Little Villa 416 features new tilt and turn windows.

Double Glass Windows

Sitting at nearly 600 sq ft, Little Villa 580 is a practical and beautiful solution to all your cabin needs. The loft adds additional space and a mountain chalet appeal!


Little Villa 80 is a spacious yet compact option for all your living needs.