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Double Glass Windows

Little Villa 130b is a modern beauty featuring double glass windows and large double doors.

Spacious yet compact, Little Villa 130c boasts a great modern look and features double sliding doors.

Double Glass Windows

A larger model of 130b, Little Villa 170 has the same modern appeal and practical use with a touch more space.

Little Villa 181 is a standout in our modern villa collection. It's corner double doors and flat roof line create a beautiful design and practical application.

Double Glass Windows

Little Villa 260 is the largest option from our modern villa collection. It's traditional Finnish design and lovely glass front make it a true stunner!

Double Glass Windows

A slanted roof line and tall windows give this cabin a modern yet classic appeal. Special features include double glass windows and an adjustable inner wall.

With just over 150 sq ft of space, this unit will provide both indoor and outdoor versatility while the modern style captures the attention of guests.

The perfect solution for those who have limited space or a need for only a small amount of storage for garden and lawn items.

Highlights double-sided access for ease of accessing tools and equipment. The sloped ridge-line offers a stylish appeal to any outdoor space.